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However, it is still estimated that hundreds of patients will die prematurely in the United Kingdom as a result of diabetes every year.


Third countries targeting EU goods with protectionist policies. Minimum surface areas square metres at the workplace. On the basis of the limited information provided by the Honourable Member, the Commission cannot establish whether the award of the project might raise such concerns. Postrerey 12 meses ago. Violence directed at the Orthodox community in Albania. Spoofing - cambio del indentificador de llamadas. Can the Commission break down this figure by:

What steps have been taken at EU level to raise awareness and promote early prevention of diabetes, and to provide adequate and effective healthcare for people throughout the Member States who have been or may be diagnosed with the disease? Can the Commission break down this figure by: The Commission is keen to help address diabetes within its competencies. To further support the development of prevention and early diagnosis of diabetes type II, a joint action on chronic diseases has been developed between Member States and the Commission, which will be co-financed by the health programme.

One part of the joint action is devoted to diabetes type II, to study barriers to prevention, screening and treatment of diabetes and to improve cooperation among Member States to act on diabetes. This data is presented in annex per Member State and by age groups. The prevention, as well as the provision of early diagnosis and care to people suffering from diabetes, is a health system management issue which falls under the responsibility of Member States.

Three Vietnamese children who had been trafficked into the United Kingdom recently had their convictions for drug crimes carried out at the behest of their captors quashed by the Court of Appeal. In this context, can the Commission detail what provisions exist at EU level to ensure that victims of human trafficking in the Member States are not held responsible for crimes committed while under duress?

The aim of this such protection is to safeguard the human rights of victims, to avoid further victimisation and to encourage them to act as witnesses in criminal proceedings against the perpetrators. Can the Commission state whether there any plans to introduce, in the coming months, changes to this standard — and to the requirements set out therein — that could impact on manufacturers across the EU? However, in this context it should be noted that this provision foresees a given procedure to be followed in these situations, comprising the involvement of the Commission and the Standing Committee of the CPR.

By now, the Commission has not received any information from the European standardisation bodies, indicating any needs to launch such procedures, related to either this harmonised standard or any other standards. The European Alliance for Apprenticeships was launched earlier this month at the WorldSkills competition in Leipzig.

Could the Commission breakdown this figure by a Member State and b profession? Does the Commission intend to form regional strategies with a view to realising an increased number of apprenticeship places under the Alliance? The aims are to: The report also shows that the economic crisis led to an increased interest in VET studies, even as the number of apprenticeship places on offer in companies has decreased in Europe.

With youth unemployment rates at unacceptable levels, boosting apprenticeship supply, quality and reputation is of major importance. Success depends on the active engagement of stakeholders. Member States play an important role since education and training policies and reform are national responsibilities. Partnerships at the national, regional and bilateral level are encouraged. The Commission will steer the Alliance, monitor and report on developments, and facilitate peer learning, cooperation and information sharing.

Cases of the most serious forms of the disease have more than doubled in the past twenty years. Can the Commission provide a breakdown of these figures by Member State? What steps are being taken at EU level to address the causes of skin cancer, and in particular the issue of dangerous and prolonged exposure to the sun? What provisions exists at EU level to raise awareness among EU citizens of the risks associated with exposure to the sun and the use of tanning salons? The project EUROSKIN European network of skin cancer prevention focused on primary prevention in children, on European certification standard for solaria, on epidermal stem cells and carcinoma and on screening.

It is specifically important to protect children and adolescents. What provisions exist at EU level to provide support and assistance to individuals that have exited an abusive domestic environment? Adoption of legislative measures when appropriate, fighting against discrimination and empowering women, improving knowledge and data collection, exchanging good practices, as well as raising awareness and funding are Commission's main priorities in order to prevent violence against women, protect victims and punish perpetrators.

Moreover, the regulation no. What steps are being taken at EU level to promote the protection of fundamental rights in Sudan and South Sudan, including the freedoms of association, religion and speech? What action has been taken at EU level to tackle the persecution of Christians in Sudan, which has in recent months seen the arrest, detention and deportation of many priests and pastors?

The latter meeting was particularly valuable in that it gave an opportunity to several African and Asian countries whose clerics and teachers in Christian schools are among the most concerned by non-renewal of residence permits, to publicly raise their concerns. What steps have been and are being taken at EU level to tackle obesity among children across the EU? What, if any, EU funding will be directed toward reducing cases of child obesity throughout the Member States in the programming period? It is currently not possible to foresee how much funding will be used on childhood obesity, as the proposals are still under discussion and the annual work plans and the indicative budgets have therefore not yet been developed.

Cancer is the biggest killer disease among children. Unless new treatments are introduced, children will continue to die. Can the Commission explain why the class waiver issue was not included in its report to Parliament, when the EMA describes this as an opportunity. Given that paediatric oncology is an area the needs of which remain unmet to a large extent, what proposals will the Commission put forward to increase the availability of innovative treatments for children with cancer?

One of the three possible grounds to grant a waiver is evidence that the disease or condition for which the specific medicinal product or class is intended occurs only in adult populations. The latest occurrence in a spate of attacks in Cameroon against LGBTI lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex organisations and defenders in Cameroon is the brutal murder of the prominent LGBTI rights activist and journalist Eric Lembembe earlier this month.

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Respuesta conjunta del Sr. Some consumers have opted for alternative means of energy supply, which do not require them to be connected to the standard grid. With a view to saving energy, does it not agree that people should be encouraged to produce electricity via the self-supply method without the need for a direct connection only an emergency one to the standard electricity grid? It is worrying to note this legislative drift on such a key aspect of European energy policy as own consumption of energy.

Although this law regulates connection to small-scale electric energy production grids, it leaves unresolved for a period of up to four months, according to the decree itself the drafting of rules on the supply of electricity produced by a consumer's grid for their own use, which is known as own consumption. Does the Commission consider that increasing power charges which are fixed, regardless of consumption while at the same time reducing energy charges which vary according to consumption is likely to encourage energy saving and efficiency?

Does the Commission consider it to be an infringement of European law for a Member State to fail to regulate own consumption of electricity? Does the Commission consider that any European law is being infringed by the levying of charges on electricity generating plants destined for own consumption, even when such installations are equipped with firebreak devices to prevent any excess energy being fed into the national grid, to ensure that it is not affected?

Active consumers' participation is necessary for successful demand response programmes and could allow consumers to save money while increasing the efficiency and stability of the electricity system. These positive effects can indeed be further enhanced if demand response measures integrate the use of energy storage.

This does not exclude a possibility for energy companies to introduce certain fixed charges e. However, this applies to all final customers, not just those with low consumption. Does the Commission believe that penalising own consumption by levying an additional charge on energy consumed, even where it is not being directly fed into the conventional grid, is likely to encourage energy saving and efficiency?

Does the Commission not consider that this additional charge should be applied in cases where the costs of the electricity system transportation, distribution and generation need to be covered by the fixed power charge and energy consumption from the grid? At the same time, the Commission is aware of recent developments in the electricity sector in Spain and concerns about the impact of changes to the support framework, including for existing installations, on the investment climate in the renewable energy sector.

In its dialogue with the Spanish Government, the Commission has repeatedly stressed the need to ensure that the necessary structural reforms do not put at risk the further development of renewable energy and the achievement of the target. In this context promoting own consumption of domestically produced electricity of renewable sources can be an effective instrument to promote smaller scale Renewable Energy Sources RES projects.

Wie alle anderen Mitgliedstaaten ist Kroatien verpflichtet, die gemeinsamen Mindestverfahrensrechte in nationales Recht umzusetzen. Die Kommission wird die Umsetzung dieser Richtlinien durch Kroatien genau verfolgen. The trials of former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader held to date in Croatia have been neither fair nor free. They have been conducted in an atmosphere of intimidation and on the basis of unreliable testimony, witnesses for the defence have been arbitrarily excluded, and there has been a backdrop of media prejudice, amongst other serious shortcomings.

In addition, sentences issued eight months ago have still not been formalised in writing, although this should be done within one month under Croatian law. As a result, there has been no possibility to lodge an appeal, even though Sanader has been sitting in prison ever since. Has the Commission been informed about these serious shortcomings in the judicial system, specifically in this case? Like all other Member States, Croatia will have to transpose these common minimum standards into their national law. The Commission will closely monitor the transposition of those instruments by Croatia.

It has been argued that a new form of consumer protection debt waiver would unlock the consumer protection market and hugely increase the flow of credit into the economy. ResPublica, a UK-based independent think-tank, contends that banks should be forced to insure loans to SMEs in order to guard against bankruptcies and encourage lending. The think-tank further believes that consumer lending should also be protected with insurance. Has the Commission ever considered the impact of an EU-wide form of consumer protection debt waiver, such as insurance, on our economy, and will it set out its position on the matter?

The Commission is not aware of any public scheme in the Member States encouraging such insurance with the objective of increasing consumer lending. The Commission has no information on the impact on the economy of an EU-wide form of consumer protection debt waiver and is not planning initiatives in this respect in close future. With regards to SMEs, the Commission is addressing their difficult access to credit through a variety of financial instruments.

The loan guarantee facility of the current CIP programme is made available to SMEs through financial intermediaries, such as banks and mutual guarantee societies. For the period , the Commission has put forward proposals for a new generation of financial instruments. This facility will complement the one included in the new Horizon programme, which will support research and innovation. In the Commission launched a public consultation on the legal framework for veterinary medicinal products. The stated aim of this public consultation was to provide sufficient information for the production of an impact assessment relating to a revision of the legal framework for veterinary medicinal products.

Can the Commission state when the impact assessment relating to a revision of the legal framework for veterinary medicinal products will be published? All impact assessments are published once the Commission has adopted the related proposals. The Commission would like to inform the Honourable Member that it aims to adopt the proposal on the revision of veterinary medicines Directive by the end of In view of the fact that we are constantly hearing reports of delays in investigations undertaken by the Hellenic Competition Commission, will the Commission say:.

Is there a precedent in an EU Member State of a national court ordering compensation for unwarranted delays in hearing cases? What are the best practices which the European Commission would propose that the national competition authorities should undertake to apply. Does it have information about which cases the Hellenic Competition Commission is handling and which have exceeded a reasonable investigation period? Is there a list? Notwithstanding, procedures of NCAs and related possibilities for legal redress are governed by the laws of the respective Member State.

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STAT , in connection with the scandal of falsified Greek statistics. In the same interview, the director of Eurostat referred to Greek currency swaps and accused the Greek authorities of having long concealed the data in question, at a time when enquiries by the European Central Bank into the use of currency swaps by EU Member States are still being conducted in secret. What is its view on these comments? Will he again respond with a memorandum? Are the European Commission and Eurostat aware of the conclusions of the investigation by the European Central Bank into the use of swaps?

If so, can they publish them, in order to disclose the full extent of the use of swaps, in both Greece and other countries? The facts recalled and the views presented therein are not suggestive or limiting as regards the actions to be decided by the Greek judicial authorities in the proceedings before them. The Commission is committed to constructively contributing to clarifying the facts of the matters considered by such authorities and committees. Such cooperation may take different forms following discussion with the inviting party. The civil conflict in Syria has caused a massive humanitarian crisis, which is also affecting ethnic and religious minorities.

At the same time, a Geneva Peace Conference on Syria is being organised, which is apparently due to take place within the next few months. Given that equal participation of minorities in decisions is of huge importance, both to the successful outcome and to the sustainability of an agreement, and that concerns have been expressed by the Kurdish element about its representation at the Conference, what measures does the High Representative intend to take in order to ensure that the Conference is attended by the real representatives of these minorities and not by persons who are not recognised as representatives by the minority groups themselves?

The EU provides its humanitarian aid to those in need regardless of their confession, ethnicity or other identity features. The EU has consistently insisted on the need for the Syrian regime to provide humanatarian access to all parts of Syria under its control, as well as across front lines to the areas controlled by the opposition. She has also been making clear that a peace conference can only succeed if both sides are genuinely willing to negotiate and have strong and representative mandates, which will only be possible for the opposition if it can ensure sufficient inclusiveness.

In the wake of the IMF report, does the European Commission feel the need to ask for the Landesbanken to be included in the next stress tests? For the time being, bank supervision is performed by national supervisors and not at the European level. This however falls under the responsibility of the relevant supervisory authorities. How does the Commission rate that decision? The Resolution Authority of Greece responsible for executing resolution measures is the Bank of Greece. As such, the Bank of Greece as the relevant Resolution Authority performs an initial estimation of the funding gap based on conservative assumptions.

Sequentially, an auditor is appointed to estimate the funding gap at the date of the resolution. The resolution of Agricultural Bank of Greece was conducted in line with the commitments agreed by the Hellenic authorities under the Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece, as part of the ongoing Financial Sector policy. The European Commission would like to refer the Honourable Member of the European Parliament to the Bank of Greece for more detailed information of the specific transaction that was carried out.

Again in accordance with ESA95 D. Can it disclose them, given that all the accounts of the companies in question arepublished online and they are public corporations? Sales do not include payments made by government to cover an overall deficit realised by the end of a financial year or paid as a fixed amount ex-ante. These payments remain unchanged and neither is OASA entitled to request more funding in the event of failure to achieve its objectives, nor can the Greek State reduce it if there is an overrun in the pre-determined objectives. It is noted that this formula is not based on the quantity of output number of passengers , but instead on the forecast of the deficit of the company.

Data collected for statistical purposes, which allow the person or economic operator concerned by the data to be identified, are confidential and shall be protected in accordance with Union legislation. In view of the above and the fact that Greece is in its third year of economic adjustment, involving huge cuts to public spending, including on education, with the result that the majority of schools and universities are operating below par, will the Commission say:. Does it know what cumulative cuts have been made to salaries for teachers in Greece in all three education sectors primary, secondary, higher?

What is the cumulative cut in spending on education in general? As regards the cut to funding for support mechanisms for pupils and students, does the European Commission know what cut to funding has been made in Greece? The European Commission is fully aware of the impact of the economic crisis on public spending on education in Member States, including Greece. As regards reductions in pupil support programmes, the report states that there has been an effort to maintain support for subsidised accommodation, meals or transport, but the crisis might have had an important impact locally e.

The Commission understands the fact that low public investment makes the achievement of national Europe strategy targets e. The Greek authorities are taking steps to rationalise and improve their system and to address challenges in terms of quality, effectiveness and efficiency through implementation of the action plan on education. In fact, the report refers to the concerns expressed by the Fund about the sustainability of the Greek debt in and blames the European Commission and the Member States of the euro area for the delay in taking the decision to apply a haircut to Greek bonds.

Have the concerns expressed by the IMF about the sustainability of the Greek debt over the coming decade been examined? Has it examined alternative ways of making the Greek debt sustainable? If not, does it intend to do so after the German elections? The stress-test scenarios confirm that the debt would perceptibly decline from its current levels in most scenarios.

Under a combined negative shock the debt would decline initially, but stabilise at a very high level. As was stated by the Eurogroup on February 21, , euro area partners are committed to providing adequate support to Greece during the life of the program and beyond until Greece has regained market access, provided that Greece fully complies with the requirements and objectives of the adjustment program. Hence, while we do recognise that risks remain, we believe that it is premature to discuss further debt relief for Greece at this stage.

By contrast, the focus should be on how to create stronger incentives for structural reforms which are needed to promote economic growth and employment. However, eighteen months later, huge problems have arisen for citizens with cases pending before the OEK. The following are examples:. While the OEK was operational, when loans for repairs were approved, the organisation asked interested parties to register a mortgage on the property for which a loan was approved at their own expense, for the benefit of the organisation and for the amount of the loan requested. When the OEK suddenly ceased to operate, there were some citizens who had no loans but who had mortgaged their property for the benefit of the OEK.

In Achaia alone, seven 7 cases have been reported. To date, there is no Authority, at least not for Patras, which has powers to issue confirmation that they have no debt to the organisation, so that the mortgages can be deleted. Despite the fact that the families allocated to these homes were selected by the end of , they have yet to take possession.

The homes have been completed but are still unoccupied and are deteriorating and being vandalised. Is it aware of this problem? Does it know if the temporary committee has in fact assumed its responsibilities and if it is settling outstanding legal obligations towards these citizens? The Commission is aware of the difficult financial situation of households in Greece and of the importance of housing can be for the well-being of households.

The Commission is aware of the principle that the existing contractual obligations of OEK would still be respected even if no new commitments would be assumed. The Commission is not aware of the detailed activities carried out by the temporary administrative committee in charge of setting the outstanding operational obligations and rights, as well as of any other necessary and vested legal or contractual relationship of OEK.

Specific questions on the activities carried out by the committee can be addressed to the Greek authorities.

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Allarmante moria di pesci verificatasi nella laguna di Venezia a causa di un possibile inquinamento delle acque. Il Comune di Venezia e l'Agenzia regionale per la prevenzione e protezione ambientale del Veneto ARPAV hanno invitato la popolazione alla calma, in quanto il fenomeno sarebbe legato a cause naturali: Nel frattempo, la Procura della Repubblica di Venezia ha aperto un fascicolo d'inchiesta.

La Commissione non era stata informata della recente moria di pesci a Venezia riferita dall'onorevole deputato. Prende atto dell'iniziativa della Procura veneziana di avviare un'inchiesta sul presente fenomeno e attende l'esito di tale inchiesta per valutare se saranno necessari ulteriori interventi. It is significant that not even the seagulls are eating these fish, even though they are their usual food.

Local fishermen, who were the first to notice the problem, say they have never seen anything like it. Meanwhile, the Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Venice has opened an investigation. Is the Commission aware of this serious case of pollution and fish die-offs in Venice? Will the Commission not promptly ask the local authorities in Venice for clarification on this environmental destruction, to avoid any possible repercussions on public health and the ecosystem, and to prevent the spread of this worrying phenomenon?

The Commission has not been informed about this recent fish death incident in Venice. It takes note of the public prosecutor's initiative to launch an investigation into the present incident and will await the results of the investigation before assessing the need for further action. These teachers work year after year in precarious circumstances, without any certainty that their contracts will be renewed at the end of each year and under less favourable conditions than permanent teachers, particularly with regard to salaries, social protection and being able to choose their working hours, among other aspects.

The figures quoted above show that contract teachers are employed in order to cover permanent needs in the educational system.


How does the Commission view this situation, particularly in light of the abovementioned directive? The services are completing their analysis of the replies provided by the national authorities together with the material contained in various complaints and a petition.

These teachers are not being replaced, a situation which is affecting the quality of education and making it difficult for schools to function properly. The Commission considers education an essential instrument which not only contributes to a reduction in inequalities but is also a main factor behind sustainable economic long-term growth. Costs must be closely controlled and the efficiency of the overall system needs to be increased. In the framework of the economic adjustment programme, a number of crucial reforms are being implemented at a satisfactory pace. Diese werden nach dem Regelungsverfahren mit Kontrolle erlassen, das nach Auffassung der Kommission gut funktioniert.

Does the Commission agree that there is an acute need to assign noise control policy a far greater role in European rail legislation? The Commission is aware of the ongoing work of the European Railway Agency on the future revision of the technical specification for interoperability relating to noise TSI Noise but will assess the Agency's recommendation on this subject once it is officially submitted.

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The study is at an early stage of its development and, as of today, the question of the possible extension of the scope of TSI Noise to existing rolling stock has not been touched upon. The study and the ongoing revision of TSI Noise are two separated processes. The Commission observes that the rail noise problem is acute in some Member States, while it is marginal or non-existing in the other ones. The study referred to in question 2 was commissioned to help to assess what should be the most relevant EU-wide approach, taking into account the abovementioned differences.

Noise is an area of harmonisation of parameters of railway vehicles under the railway interoperability directive. Non ritiene di dovere richiedere spiegazioni al governo cubano a tutela dei turisti e dei lavoratori cittadini dell'Unione Europea che si trovano sull'isola, e che rischiano di non ricevere cure mediche adeguate in caso di bisogno? Ci risulta inoltre che i negoziati tra Brasile e Cuba per distaccare medici cubani in regioni remote del Brasile non siano sfociati in un accordo.

Brazil does not have enough doctors, and the idea was to send to the Cuban doctors to the most remote parts of the country, where Brazilian doctors refuse to go. The EU regularly monitors the political, economic and social situation in Cuba via its Delegation in Havana. No EU funds provided to Cuba and Brazil have been used for arrangements concerning the sending abroad of doctors. To the best of our knowledge, the negotiations between Brazil and Cuba on the posting of Cuban doctors in remote regions of Brazil did not result in an agreement. Chiusura del traffico di via dei Fori Imperiali: L'amministrazione comunale di Roma Capitale nei giorni scorsi ha dato avvio alle procedure relative alla chiusura del traffico dell'arteria di via dei Fori Imperiali per promuovere la pedonalizzazione dell' area circostante.

Per gli appalti che non raggiungono tale soglia, come il progetto in questione, i principi generali di trasparenza e trattamento equo risultanti dal TFUE si applicano laddove sia dimostrato che l'appalto presenta un interesse transfrontaliero.

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Hola, no busques más!! Ingresa a y pone el apellido y el nombre de ella, y si no sale nada el de los padres. Guia Telefonica Argentina, Chile, España - Busqueda por Direccion, Nombre y Numero Telefonico.

Rome City Council recently launched a procedure to close to traffic an arterial road in the capital — the Via dei Fori Imperiali — with a view to pedestrianising the surrounding area. This arrangement has been confirmed by Roma Metropolitane, and the costs involved will be charged to the budget for the METRO C line, despite the fact that the project was not included among the works initially planned. Have the principles of effectiveness, efficiency and value for money been adhered to and have proper financial planning procedures been followed? On the basis of the limited information provided by the Honourable Member, the Commission cannot establish whether the award of the project might raise such concerns.

For works contracts below this threshold, such as the one at stake, the general principles deriving from the TFEU of transparency and equal treatment apply if it can be proved that the contract has a certain cross-border interest. Since according to the information provided by the Honourable Member no EU funds seem to be involved in the project, all aspects related to its financial implications in relation with the principles of effectiveness, efficiency and value for money lie within the remit of the contracting authority and the responsible national authorities.

Possibile sottovalutazione dell'impatto ambientale del progetto di una discarica per rifiuti speciali a Lughignano di Casale sul Sile TV. Studio Impatto Ambientale presentato dal consorzio proponente nel The project, submitted by a consortium of companies, concerns the construction of a facility for the disposal of waste produced by those companies in their respective factories and recovery plants. The overall storage capacity is expected to be approximately cubic metres of waste, equivalent to tonnes.

The environmental impact assessment on the basis of which the EIA Committee's opinion was delivered, however, dates back to and is allegedly based on the EIS Environmental Impact Study submitted by the consortium in The opinion, therefore, concerned only the preliminary project, which subsequently underwent numerous changes and additions. In the light of the above, should the Commission not contact the relevant authorities to ascertain whether the environmental consultation was carried out properly, since it appears to have been in breach of EU environmental law in that it may have underestimated the adverse impact that the waste disposal plant could have on the environment?

Acht de Commissie het belangrijk dat banken die actief zijn op grondstofmarkten, bijvoorbeeld de aluminiummarkt, hun opslagfaciliteiten duidelijk gescheiden houden van hun bankactiviteiten? Werkt de Commissie met de Amerikaanse regelgevingsinstanties samen om de beste manier te vinden om de problemen in verband met opslag aan te pakken? Kan de Commissie een raming geven van de kostenstijgingen die er kunnen zijn voor de Europese industrie?

De Commissie is bekend met de berichten waarover het geachte Parlementslid het in zijn vraag heeft.

De Commissie geeft zich rekenschap van het belang van de grondstoffenmarkten voor de economie als geheel. Wel wil de Commissie hier beklemtonen dat zij deze kwesties zeer ernstig neemt en dat zij niet zal aarzelen om passende maatregelen te nemen wanneer zij denkt dat de mededingingsregels zijn geschonden.

Does the Commission see any potential problems for financial players controlling the storage and shipment of commodities? If so, could the Commission indicate what problems could arise? Does the Commission believe that by controlling warehouses financial players gain important market intelligence, which they can use when trading commodities? Does the Commission believe that it is important that banks operating in commodities markets such as the aluminium market keep their storage facilities well separated from their banking activities? Does the Commission cooperate with US regulators in order to identify the best ways of addressing the problems related to warehousing?

Can the Commission provide an estimate of possible cost increases to European industry? If not, why not? The Commission is aware of the reports referred to in the Honourable Member's question. The Commission is mindful of the importance of the commodity markets for the economy as a whole and is conscious of the debate surrounding the alleged conflict of interest brought about when financial players control the storage and shipment of commodities. The Commission regularly cooperates with US regulators and with regulators from other jurisdictions regarding antitrust matters relating to all industries and to the commodity markets in particular.

However, in order to protect the legitimate interest of third parties and the integrity of its monitoring and enforcement activities, the Commission believes that it would not at this stage be appropriate to comment on any action that might be taken in either Europe or the United States. The Commission is not at this stage in a position to judge whether any harm has been caused by the activities of financial players or to estimate any potential cost increases for European industry. Nonetheless, the Commission would stress that it takes these issues extremely seriously and will not hesitate to take appropriate action if it believes that the antitrust rules may have been infringed.

The High Representative and her services will continue to use the full range of opportunities and instruments available to raise human rights and fundamental freedoms regularly both in public and outside the public eye in their contacts with Saudi authorities. Will the Commission confirm whether minutes of this meeting were taken, and disclose the contents of those minutes in full? If the Commission is unwilling or unable to disclose the minutes themselves, can it state the purpose of the meeting, summarise all topics discussed and decisions taken or agreed either at or as a result of the meeting?

On what other occasions have they met whilst Commissioner Barnier has held his office? In any of the correspondence or meetings between them or between their respective offices , is there discussion of: Please confirm whether the Commission provides TheCityUK with any direct or indirect funding or assistance. Please disclose any direct or indirect relationship or interaction between the Commission and the directors or officers of Standard Life within the last two years.

Please confirm whether the Commission or to its knowledge any EU institution currently pays anything directly or indirectly or will do so in the future e. For your ease of reference, we understand the directors of TheCityUK to be: I recognise that four weeks of August have intervened, but it is now eleven weeks since my question was received by the Commission and there is still not a word of response. Please explain the delay and the failure of your office to answer on the points I set out therein. Are you afraid of transparency being applied to your meetings with UK non-governmental organisations?

Do you hope to delay an answer for sufficient time that you are out of office before I receive a reply? Do you accept that I can properly expect an answer on each and every one of my points, and not delay, obfuscation and avoidance? Commissioner Barnier has not been in contact with any of the other people mentioned. There have, however, been meetings between Commission staff, Cabinet members and Standard Life representatives. She participates in meetings and makes observations on relevant documents. The Commission does not currently pay anything to the individuals mentioned by the Honourable Member.

Two of them have, in the past, held temporary positions within the Commission. They do not have any pension rights from the Commission. Hat die polnische Regierung auf das Aufforderungsschreiben der Kommission reagiert, und, falls ja, war die Antwort zufriedenstellend? Heeft de Poolse overheid op de schriftelijke aanmaning van de Commissie geantwoord? Heeft de Commissie kennis van geplande of aan de gang zijnde bouwwerkzaamheden voor andere verbrandingsinstallaties die niet in overeenstemming zijn met de bepalingen van de richtlijn inzake evaluaties van de CCS-paraatheid?

Tot nu toe werden negen zaken afgesloten omdat er mededeling van de volledige omzettingsmaatregelen had plaatsgevonden, terwijl de Commissie in de andere zaken, voor zover de omzettingmaatregelen zijn meegedeeld tot juni , momenteel de volledigheid ervan controleert. Er is bij de Poolse regering nog geen met redenen omkleed advies ingediend in verband met de inbreuk van dat land op de CCS-richtlijn.

De Commissie kan geen nadere details verstrekken over haar contacten met de lidstaten over lopende inbreukprocedures. De Commissie heeft een klacht over deze kwestie ontvangen en verzamelt nu feitelijke en juridische informatie over de zaak van de geplande twee nieuwe units in de energiecentrale van Opole. Indien zij niet worden omgezet, ontslaat dit de lidstaten en hun bevoegde autoriteiten niet van de verplichting om ze toe te passen. Onko Puolan hallitus vastannut komission viralliseen huomautukseen? Jos ei ollut, onko Puolan hallitukselle toimitettu perusteltu lausunto?

If not, has a reasoned opinion been submitted to the Polish Government? Is the Commission aware that Poland has failed to ensure that either the competent authority or the plant operator has assessed whether the planned two new units at the Opole power plant, each capable of generating MW, are ready for the environmentally safe capture and geological storage of CO. The Commission is not in a position to provide further details of its communication with the Member States on infringement proceedings which are ongoing.

The Commission has received a complaint on this issue and is currently gathering information to determine facts and law concerning the case of the planned two new units at the Opole power plant. EU Directives must be transposed by the deadline for their transposition.

Member States and their competent authorities are not relieved from the obligation to apply them in case of failure to transpose them. According to that Article the Member States need to ensure that operators of combustion plants with a rated electrical output of MW or more have assessed technical and economic conditions necessary to retrofit for CO 2 capture. Where the assessment is positive, suitable space on the installation site for the equipment necessary to capture and compress CO 2 has to be set aside. Como localizar tu dispositivo Android si te lo han robado.

Fui visto y no visto. Maxxspy es muy conveniente para vigilar a los empleados actividades durante el tiempo de trabajo. Responder Eliminar Hola, a mi me han robado mi HTC Wildfire pero, pero tenia algunas alpicaciones que se me conectavan automaticamente, como el Whatsupp, el Vibber… yo os pregunto, si me lo han robado y lo han apagado es posible encontrarlo? Espiar mensajes de texto de tus empleados te dar una mejor idea de las actividades que realizan y localizar movil robado android llevar a cabo en un futuro.

Hola, me han robado mi xperia Z hace ya 14 dias, di el imei en la policia, he buscado desde myxperia, y nada y lo he intentado con esta aplicacion, y me deja hacerlo con mi movil de antes, el samsumg galaxy, pero del sony me dice que no es compatible, tengo otras opciones para buscarlo? Me robaron el iPhone al llegar a Barcelona para tomar un vuelo a Atenas el mes pasado y me han dicho que hay una pagina de pago y te dicen si es robado y no.

Hoi en el centro comerciial del holea me an robado mi bolso en tienda shana o lettis como podria localixarlo contenia cartera mi movil paquete de tabaco ayudarme por fabor no se que debo hacer ya eata denunciado ayudarme me ciento muy mal. Me han robado mi celular. Por favor ayudenme se los agradeceria. Me han robado mi samsung S5 y fui directamente a la web para dar aviso y localizar donde estaba mi celu, pero la sorpresa fue que para encontrar mi celu , el GPS del celu debia estar activado al cual no lo estaba.

Ajo y agua… Las como localizar un telefono robado android entre smartphones y tabletas nunca han sido tan difusas. Dios pero que corruptos hace 3 meses cambie mi servicio a 4mb y el test solo me indica 0. Si tienes varios dispositivos, haz clic en el que se te haya extraviado en la parte superior de la pantalla. Tambien seria aconsejable que llamaras a atencion al cliente y les pidieras que te anularan el imei de tu terminal para que asi nadie mas pueda utilizarlo.

Claro que si solo tienes que ir a un distribuidor vodafone y pedirles un duplicado de tarjeta. Series, programas, novedades y estrenos quedan un poco en segundo online.

¿Qué es mspy?

mSpy es un líder global en software the seguimiento dedicado a satisfacer las necesidades del usuario: seguridad, vigilancia y conveniencia.

mSpy – Sepa. Conozca. Prevenga

Cómo funciona

Utilice toda la potencia del software de seguimiento móvil

Revise Mensajes

Consiga acceso a chats y mensajes de un dispositivo de seguimiento.

¡Contactenos en cualquier momento!

Nuestro equipo de soporte dedicado puede ser contactado mediante correo electrónico, chat o teléfono.

Almacene sus datos

Almacene, haga copias de seguridad y exporte datos de forma segura.

Monitorear multiples dispositivos

Al mismo tiempo puede monitorear smartphones (Android, iOS) y computadoras (Mac, Windows).

Monitorear con mSpy


Soporte global al cliente de 24/7

mSpy cuida a todos sus cliente y les presta atención con su servicio a clientes de 24/7.


95% de satisfacción al cliente

La satisfacción del cliente es la prioridad más alta para mSpy. El 95% de clientes mSpy declaró para estar satisfecho y listo para reordenar nuestros servicios.

mSpy hace a sus clientes felices

  • Después de probar mSpy, se ha convertido en una parte valiosa de mi vida como padre de familia. Me permite estar actualizado con lo que mis hijos están haciendo - de esta manera estoy seguro que están bien. También me gusta que puedo ajustar parámetros para decidir qué contactos, sitios o aplicaciones bloquear o permitir.

  • mSpy es una increíble aplicación que me ayuda a revisar la actividad en internet de mi hijo. También puedo bloquear cualquier contacto sospechoso sies necesarios. Es una buena opción para los padres modernos.

  • La protección de los niños es fundamental para todos los padres. mSpy me ayuda a mantener un ojo en mi hija cuando no puedo estar cerca de ella. Lo recomiendo ampliamente.

  • Mi hijo está en su teléfono todo el tiempo, y a veces sólo hay que comprobar que no está haciendo nada malo. mSpy me permite estar actualizado con todo que maneja con regularidad.

  • He buscado una buena aplicación para mantener un ojo en mis hijos cuando no estoy y un amigo mío me recomendó mSpy. ¡Me gusta! Me ayuda a cuidar de mis hijos en el peligroso mar de Internet.


La aplicación está destinada para un monitoreo legal, y sin duda hay legítimas razones para instalar el software. Las empresas, por ejemplo, podrían informar a sus empleados que son monitoreados por motivos de seguridad.

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